Happiness with success




The eyes are the window of the soul. By setting an easy frame work we create safe bounderies to dive in to our minds, emotions and soul.  To be self expressed and in contact with one self and another creates imidiate freedome and ripple effects in your daily life. Empower yourself by being you. All of you. The bad, ugly, forbidden, the beauty and the joy. Open up to the whole spectrum of being human. Stand in your power. Who are you?


The quiter the mind becomes the more you can heare - Rumi Dass.

"I find Frida's sessions very insightful. They give me an awareness of myself at such a subtle level. They help me see how much pressure I can put on myself when I am with others, and at the same time allow me to experience what it is like to bee with another without putting pressure on myself. They give me the clarity to be able to observe how I communicate and listen ot others, and they leave me in an open expanded state of relaxation. This experience is very much recommended."

Nicholas Millins, England



And then I don't mean me, Frida Persson but YOU. Why choose you? This is where it all starts. With YOU.

Be your self

Every time who you want to be, and who you are, faces each other in reality and they are different you will  feel dissonance. What we resist persists.  This is an opportunity for you to show yourself in all aspects.


I just happend to be good at letting others be as they are. And in this point in life I really enjoy being in contact with others.


During 90 minutes, together we explore who we are and how our mind works, we explore the gaps between thoughts and fall deeper into presence a this very moment.

The Buddhists say there is two types of minds. The first one is the mind that everyone is aware of. The mind that is constantly active, talking, giving advices, making up problems and taking it's cues from the outside. The other one Buddhists call Buddha nature, Hindus Shiva or the self and Christians or Jews God. At the heart of all religions, is the certainty that there is a fundamental truth, and that this life is a sacred opportunity to evolve and realize it. For this mind you have to turn your gaze inward.

To master our minds we start by learning to deal with neurotic thoughts and emotions. Then false concepts are removed through the understanding of emptiness and openness. Then you can really start making choices in life out of what you truly desires instead of fear and reaction.

What prevent us from realizing the nature of mind?

1. The nature of mind is just too close to be recognized. We are so used to it so we are not even bothered to learn how to master it. Are you a servant to your mind or is your mind a servant to you?

2. It is too wonderful for us to accommodate. The sheer immensity of it is too vast to fit into our narrow way of thinking.  We just can't believe it. Nor can we possibly imagine the enlightenment is the real nature of our minds.

3. It is to profound for us to fathom. We have no idea how deep it could be; if we did, wo would have already, to a certain extent, realized it.

4. It is too easy for us to believe. In reality, all we need to do is simply rest in the naked, pure awareness of the nature of mind, which is always present.

You will:

  • Align your self with your higher self
  • Become a better listner
  • Be more present in your daily life
  • Learn how to talk from the heart insted of mind
  • Drop thoughts that no longer serves you
  • Get more self confidence
  • Discover who you really are
  • Experience oneness