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7-days Enlightenment Intensive


8-15 March

Located above Neer Garh waterfalls close to Rishikesh India you find Aqua one world camping. A magical place in the middle of mother nature, at the foothills of Himalya. The only way to get there is by foot on winding paths.


This is an invitation to get a profoud experience of who and what you really are. Welcome to join us for a down to earth retreat. We will be a small group of maximum 15 participants. Aqua one world is a quiet place, away from tourists just by the riverbank. Kjell Gustafsson from Sweden will be our master during our seven days. 

7 days enlightenment Intensive

8-15 March 2020

Included in the price are course, all meals, (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) tent and blankets.

Price: 4800SEK, 680CAD, 460EURO or 520USD

Carpe diem!



Send an e-mail to for further instrucctions. You have secured your place as we receive your payment.

Home is where you heart is!


AquaOneWorld was established in 2018, from a small house with a stable to a house with a real kitchen and a yoga hall. "Aqua" has beautiful surroundings with magnificent views.  Facilitis are simple with regular toilets and showers.

Remember that "Aqua" is up on the mountain, a 20-30 minutes hike. You will find small kiosks for water and snacks until 2/3 of the hike. Take rests and enjoy the spactacular nature.

Choose one of these questions
* Tell me who you are?

* Tell me what you are?

* Tell me what another is?

* Tell me what life is?

Read more about Enlightenment Intensive here, or even more here


Sunday evening (arriving day)
* Practical information, course structure and about the technique
* Dinner
*Preparation dyad (first sitting)

Monday to Saturday:
* Enlightenment intensive retreat


* Morning dyad
* Integration/reflection
* retreat ends with lunch


Kjell Gustavsson, Master

Kjell Gustafsson, our master on the course have had four different teachers in this technique. He has a burning interest for enlightenment intensive and since 2001 he have participated in 9, 14-days retreats, 7, 6-days, and 8, 3-days retreats. He has participated in many different processes in self knowledge. Kjell has also kept courses in leadership, business development, entrepreneurship, conflict management and coached business leaders around the processes of change.