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Creating you is the art to be relaxed in your everyday life. Under 90 minuets we co create our moment. Under at least 40-60 minutes we will do a dyad. A dyad is where two people sit in front each other without having a conversation nor fixing each other. In intervalls of five minutes you will turn inwards, take a good look at your experience and comunicate what ever occures up to your partner.

You can choose to contemplate one of the following questions:

Tell me what love is?

Tell me who you are?

Tell me what you are?

Tell me what another is?

Tell me what life is?

In the dyad you open up to have a direct experience of your contemplation.

This way you will tune in to that part of you that never changes wich also includes learning how to drop your mind, emotions and experiences at any given time and stay present with another.

I prefer to work with you over time and go deeper.

4 x 90 min 4800kr / 480 euro

8 x 90 min 8000kr / 800 euro (save 160)

14x 90 min 14400kr / 1440 euro (save 240)

I strongly recomend to start out with a continous practice between two to four days in a row, to get in to the technique and go  beyond mind.

Meet me in person or over skype. I speak swedish, english and spanish.



I'm convinced that all beeings, adults or youngsters, are readdy to meet a new day in a new way, if they feel safe, heard and seen. I inspire teachers and kids to get outside their comfort zone and start teamworking to reach their goals by knowing them self and being in contact with others..

I want to be a part of creating a fun school. A dream come true would be if a student of mine looked back and refered to our time as one of the best in their life.



"Frida offers a genuine method for nonconceptual recognition of who we truly are after we drop all concepts and thoughts about who we think we are. Frida has helped me to recognize my true essence of being by penetrating the veils of definitions, labels and constant flow of thoughts of conceptual mind. Her fresh and energetic appearance combined with the powerful method she applies, creates mind blowing practice opening the gate of experiencing our authentic pristine nature."

Igor Kordos, Slovakia

"I did a session with Frida, using the enlightenment intensive technique: i really enjoyed it and was suprised at how healing and transformative it was for me: i chose to think about " what love is". there was initially a  lot of bitterness in me about the topic. through talking and feeling about that i went deeper and cleared a lot of that. i really loved the technique, found it empowering and transformative.  i can't wait to have another one. "

Petya Katsarova, United emirates